Masco UK Limited is the trading name used by Malcolm Higgins to provide Business Advice and support to small and medium sized enterprises.


Malcolm Higgins


Qualification: MBA, Exeter University 1991

Associate, Institute for Independent Business


My key business skills are in the disciplines of strategic planning, mentoring, and project management, backed up with sound administration. The development and setting of a strategy for an organisation is a key requirement for a business and I have successfully proven my capability with all of the companies I have worked with. I have held Managing Director positions in three companies and feel well able to fulfil the role of Non Executive Director, supporting an Executive team. During my service career I developed strong skills as a Project Manager and I have carried those goal orientated skills into the companies I have worked for with demonstrable success.


At a personal level I believe in setting, maintaining, and expecting high standards of presentation, personal integrity and performance, and I firmly believe such standards benefit the company as well as the individual. In setting those standards I also believe in training, supporting and guiding staff to help them achieve their personal and corporate goals.


Business Experience


I have knowledge of the specialist cleaning industry, having started up and developed a company which provided kitchen deep cleaning, grease filter cleaning, and ventilation cleaning. As well as controlling the operations of the company I led on sales, personally acquiring national and supra regional contracts with companies such as Tesco and Hilton.


Quite separately, I have invented a laser cleaning process which has been developed for the railway industry. To achieve this I had to find almost 5 million for research and development through private equity and government grants. The Limited company set up to exploit this technology holds the IPR and has patents registered in the UK, USA, and other countries around the world.


Business Advisor Experience


My experience covers the range from manufacturing, hotel and hospitality, through to the service sector. Clients range from specialist railway engineering companies to cleaning companies and a start-up small hotel.


The key elements linking these diverse organisations is the provision of results driven advice that improves the bottom line.


I now operate principally as an Associate of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB). In this role I provide business advice and strategic focus but also have the vast resources of specialist Associates from within the IIB. These specialist Associates provide unrivalled expertise in a targeted way that is hugely beneficial to the client. Often this advice and support is provided through the IIB Business Support Programme which is structured to provide practical advice that works.


Contact Details


Telephone: 07788 582244

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